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Cosmic Year in Review

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Cosmic Blog Cosmic Year in Review
by Tony Spiro on December 30, 2021

2021 was a big year for Cosmic and we are pumped for what 2022 will bring. Here's a list of some of the things that we achieved over the past 12 months:

2021 Highlights

Merge Requests
Earlier this year we released Merge Requests to much fanfare. Content development is a team sport and we believe Merge Requests is a game-changer. By enabling Git-like version control workflows, Merge Requests enables greater confidence and collaboration to help teams increase content productivity.

New Documentation
Every good development platform needs easy-to-follow and thorough documentation. We released our new docs site to provide a better experience when diving into the possibilities that Cosmic offers with our API tools and resources.

At Cosmic, we pride ourselves on providing the best API for content management. And it got even better this year with the release of version 2 of our REST API. We doubled down on the features that make our API the most straightforward API out there. Flexible queries, declarative API response properties, and millisecond response times make our API second to none.

New Billing Organization
We released an update to billing details that enables you to consolidate your billing for your user account (versus on each resource) which enables easier onboarding and accounting for paying customers.

New CDN Usage Policies
We are serving an ever-increasing amount of mission-critical content to billions of users globally. With this growth comes a responsibility to be clear whenever policies change that affect account management. We announced new policies to our CDN usage and overages to further assure customers that our service is pay-as-you-go and your billing scales with your usage fairly and transparently. New metrics were made available in the dashboard to enable users to monitor and predict any overages on plan usage.

New Dashboard
Finally, our biggest undertaking this year was the new Cosmic dashboard. We sent teasers and previews a couple of times, ultimately releasing the new dashboard in a private alpha. It's now available for early access and we encourage you to sign up to be a part of the next evolution of Cosmic!

What's to come in 2022

Cosmic is on a mission to be the best content management system in the world. Along with building a world-class product, we have assembled a world-class team to achieve our ambitious mission. I am extremely grateful for our amazing team and customers that have made this a stellar year for Cosmic. Cheers to a productive 2021 and looking forward to an exciting 2022! 🥂

Tony Spiro
Cosmic CEO

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We've released some new features for the new dashboard that we are excited to share with you.

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